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BruceMurray's blog
BruceMurray's blog

Fun Run As part of our health fortnight we took the entire school to Victoria park for a fun run. The children were encouraged to see just how many laps of the park that they could manage. It was a bitterly cold day but everyone soon warmed up and it was great to see all the pupils running together and supporting and encoraging each other. What a great atmosphere!

Our Nativity Watch some of the highlights of our nativity here!

Sculpture Workshop Exhibition This link takes you to the video the class made over the seven weeks we were attending the Sculpture Workshop. Based at the new building at Hawthornvale, this purpose built venue is home to a variety of artists, exhibition spaces and education classes. P5/6 were lucky enough to be offered weekly sessions working with different artists. This first term we worked with Debi who taught us about abstract art (using works of Picasso) and helped us turn our 2d sketches into 3d art.

Kipper's Cake with primary 1!

After reading all about Kipper's homemade cake the P1's decided to make their own. Click here to see the hilarious results

P4/5 We are Scientists

PinK Day - Well Done Everyone!

Click here for the Pink Dance "" and look inside for our slideshow and to read all about the events.

P5/6 assembly

"" Some of the highlights of the P5/6 Assembly. Click here!

From Plant to Plate all in a day!

We are really proud of our garden and have worked hard to grow and cultivate a variety of plants and vegetables.

To celebrate our success we decided to set a challenge - Could we harvest, prepare and eat a meal using only ingredients from the garden and do it all in ONE school day? The pictures speak for themselves... Click on the link to see! 

Guitar Hero- Battle of the Bands

Check out what P5/6 have been up to! The battle of the bands is coming to an end. Here is a montage of the pictures from our band (banned?) videos.

Newhaven Gala Day Video

Take a look at the fantastic video slideshow of our Gala Day. It really was a treat for all of the family and we were so proud of all our pupils. Thanks to all family and friends who helped make it happen and who made it such a memorable day. We are already thinking about next year's...