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MarjoryIrvine's blog

Victoria Primary School Extension

You can view the Victoria Planning Application details here.

Planning Details

P1 Registration Documents 2014-2015

If you are out of catchment and cannot come into school to register, you can access the required documents here.

P4/5 have been learning about slavery

Facts about slavery

Slavery is when: you work for other people and don’t get paid; you are forced to do things you don’t want to do; other people are in charge of you.

Slaves worked for rich (and lazy) people. They could get sold from owner to owner and also get taken away from their families. 

In America slaves were always black people.
Thankfully, slavery is now against the law.

JRSO - National Winter Safety Campaign

National Winter Safety Launch at Ocean Terminal




On Friday the 26th of October 2012 a group from Victoria Primary School went to the National Winter Safety Campaign launch at Ocean Terminal.


P2 enjoy some "Buddy" time


P2 have been very busy this term. We have each got a P7 buddy and together we are building a town.

We've made houses, shops, a football pitch, a hospital, a school, a park and a pond!

We are doing an assembly on Friday 12th October as well!


The Wee Museum of Newhaven

Here is an article by Diana Morton on the making of the Wee Museum of Newhaven at Victoria Primary School.

This has been pubished in the The Museum Association's Museums Journal.

An article by Diana Morton.