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Solar Eclipse Returns to Scotland

Primary 4 are learning to write newspaper articles this term.

Take a look at this article by Jake about the solar eclipse.



School Lunches

From August 2015 please note the the cost of a school lunch will be £1.95. 

Stirling Castle Adventure with P6

On Tuesday 7th March Primary 6 travelled to Stirling Castle to learn more about the history of Scotland.  Although the snow was heavy, they battled through it and arrived safely.  During their visit the class learnt about Bannockburn and different Queens and Kings.

Also Primary 6, along with Primary 7, have enjoyed designing posters for the Edinburgh Fringe competition. The poster will be used for the cover of the Fringe programme and will be displayed in various places throughout the City.  The winner will be announced in April.

Going back in time with Primary 2

Primary 2 held a class assembly on the Ancient Egyptians.  We went back in time to learn about ancient egyptian children, food, hyrogliphics and mummies.

We also danced and sang to 'Walked like an Egyptian'!

Primary 3 visit the Central Mosque

Primary 3 had a visit to the Central Mosque in town.  They took the bus there and were met by Taznine who was their guide.  Everyone took their shoes off to enter the main hallway.  This is the men's prayer hall and the children were shown where they pray and told how they pray.  There was time to disuss Muslim beliefs and why they go to the mosque.  The class was given a tour of the rest of the mosque and they saw the wudu room.  This is a specially fitted out room where people wash before they pray.  They also saw the ladies' prayer hall and the Islam exhibiti

Get Fizzy with Primary 23

Primary 23 had an exciting time when Generation Science came to the school.  The class was learning about solids, liquids and gases by doing lots of experiments. This meant wearing aprons and goggles which they loved! Liquids were poured into jars then mixed together.

Race Night - Playground Fundraiser


                 Here is a copy of the race night letter sent out to parents

and carers. It is being held on Friday 28th March at 7.30pm.

If you need a hard copy please ask Mrs Suttie in the School office.


Victoria Primary School Extension

You can view the Victoria Planning Application details here.

Planning Details

P1 Registration Documents 2014-2015

If you are out of catchment and cannot come into school to register, you can access the required documents here.

P4/5 have been learning about slavery

Facts about slavery

Slavery is when: you work for other people and don’t get paid; you are forced to do things you don’t want to do; other people are in charge of you.

Slaves worked for rich (and lazy) people. They could get sold from owner to owner and also get taken away from their families. 

In America slaves were always black people.
Thankfully, slavery is now against the law.