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Building Resilience Summer Term Programme
Building Resilience Summer Term Programme

This term in our Building Resilience programme, we are focusing on Challenge your Mindset. 

People who believe that we are born artists, athletes or scientists have a fixed mindset about themselves and others. They believe that learning potential and ability are fixed and can be measured. 

People with a growth mindset believe that effort, not just ability, leads to success. Through this unit, we will encourage children to recognise that challenges, mistakes and problems happen every day in learning activities and social interactions. They will learn that how we respond to those difficulties has an impact on how we see ourselves. This helps us shape our own learning and how we handle the next problem that comes our way. 


In this unit, we have been learning that: 

• Who we are and what we are good at, is not fixed. 

• The way we think, feel or learn, shapes our brain 

• I can change through the choices I make. "

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