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Building Resilience - Term 2
Building Resilience - Term 2

Here is the latest update on the school's building resilience theme:-


Keep Connected and Respect Yourself

This term our Building Resilience topics are Keep Connected and Respect Yourself. In class, the children will be learning about the importance of relationships with others and with ourselves. Your children will have a task to do at home that connects to what they have been learning about in class.


We have learnt through Keep Connected that:

- Relationships are important for our health and wellbeing.

- Belonging to a group can be a good way of building friendships.

- Good relationships are a two-way thing.


And we are now learning that it is important to Respect Yourself. Children will understand that:

- There is no one quite like me.

- Everyone has different strengths

- I treat myself with respect.


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