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JRSO - National Winter Safety Campaign
JRSO - National Winter Safety Campaign

National Winter Safety Launch at Ocean Terminal




On Friday the 26th of October 2012 a group from Victoria Primary School went to the National Winter Safety Campaign launch at Ocean Terminal.




Our local Policeman, P.C. Pennycook, drove us in a grey minivan. On arrival we went up stairs and got a welcoming drink and a biscuit. After that we went down stairs and out to the front and met Mr MacAskill, Justice Secretary.




The whole group demonstrated safe crossing with Mr McAskill and Chief Superintendent Derek Robertson. This was shown on Scottish Television at 6 o’clock that evening.






We went back in Ocean Terminal and went right to the very end of the ground floor where the safety exhibits began. Mrs Irvine had to go on a crash simulator we watched it and it was scary and funny.  Some of the children went into a car and got taught how to stop in an accident and their reactions were timed.





We went around to the entrance and we got a goody bag each from Mr MacAskill and we thought that was very nice of him.  After that a policemen told us about a car crash. We saw the real car which was in the accident.




At the end we went to the cycling stand we got lots of goodies to help us stay safe when we are out and about.




       From the JRSO


        Ayesha and Paddileigh



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