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Here is all the latest news from Mr Douglas's PE lessons.


This term in Physical Education the pupils will be focussing on invasion games.


With the use of mini-games and partner/small group practices Primary 3 and Primary 3-4 are beginning to develop the basic skills of passing, dribbling and shooting that are required for the more recognisable forms of basketball, football and rugby to name but a few. During these mini-games the pupils will also be learning why games have rules and how the different rules shape games.


Primary 5, Primary 6 and Primary 7 are working towards demonstrating skills in competitive conditioned and unconditioned games in basketball and football. Whilst being able to competently perform passes, create space and shoot; at level 2 pupils must also be able to show real game awareness with regard to decision making and problem solving and begin to understand basic tactics and strategies for defence and attack.


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