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Tale of a Tall Ship
Tale of a Tall Ship

Last Friday, P2 were lucky enough to visit and go on a tall ship that is docked at Ocean Terminal. The ARC Gloria is a navy ship from Colombia and is one of the tallest ships of it's kind! We were split into small groups and one of the ship's crew gave us a personalised tour. We practised our Spanish by saying 'ola' and 'gracias' to all the shipmates we saw. We saw the tall masts and the huge sails - all which have different names. We went up to the bow of the ship and it was very windy! We also got to see where the crew sleep and eat - their tables are in the ceiling under the deck! We saw how far the ARC Gloria has sailed by looking at the journey maps. We also learnt a lot about Colombia - it looks like a beautiful country! Thank you to the crew of the ARC Gloria and to all our parents who came along to help out.

Miss Campbell and Mrs Wade

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