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Trinity Academy Wave 4 Newsletter
Trinity Academy Wave 4 Newsletter
We are making improvements to Trinity Academy. This is being done in two phases.
Phase 1
We have been working on the design for the new sports and outdoor learning centre at Bangholm in consultation with Trinity Academy and our Outdoor Learning Team. The planning application has been submitted and you can view this here.
In our proposal the new indoor sports facility offers a gym hall, sports hall, fitness suite and dance studio. These will be used by the school throughout the day and will be available to the community at evenings and weekends when booked through Edinburgh Leisure.
We’re proposing a casual café-style community space with a flexible community room and classroom adjoining. These are multi-functional rooms; the classroom will be used by Trinity Academy during the day but can be open for booking by the community out of school hours.
The other two community rooms can be booked individually or as one large space throughout the day. When not booked, the café-style room will be a relaxed space for people using the building and grounds to sit and relax and would have great views out onto the rugby pitch for spectators.
Outside we are proposing to improve the existing hockey and rugby pitches and we are discussing ideas for the rest of the landscape. We had a workshop with learners from Trinity Academy, Trinity Primary and Holy Cross Primary to hear their views on how they would access thesite and what would make them want to use the outdoor space during the school day and out of hours.

The Sports and Outdoor Learning Centre will remain a central HUB for our Outdoor Learning Team. We value outdoor learning in our schools and our proposals for their workshop and ideas for the outdoor space will provide them with an excellent environment to provide a quality service to our schools. The outdoor space will also enable them to train our school staff in outdoor learning and how to use their school grounds for learning and play.
Phase 2
We met with the headteachers and parent council chairs of Trinity Academy, its cluster primary schools and Holy Cross Primary school in August.
From this we arranged an evening meeting with parents on 28 October where we presented our proposal for Phase 1 and for our preferred option for the location of the rest of the school on its current site.
Our analysis has shown that development on the existing site is the only realistic option because the planning restrictions and other barriers to further development on the Bangholm site mean we cannot guarantee development could proceed and at best further investment in the school would be significantly delayed.
The decision to progress this option has been made by Elected Members at the Education, Children and Families Committee on 10 December 2019 and funding for Phase 2 will be considered as part of the budget setting process in February 2020.
Key Dates:
Dec 2019: Planning application submitted Phase 1
10 December 2019: Phase 2 preferred site option will go to committee for approval.
July 2020 - Dec 2021: Phase 1 Construction
Feb 2020: Budget process for Phase 2
Feb 2020: Newsletter update
We will continue to engage with school staff, learners and the community throughout the project.
For more information on what we’ve been doing please visit our webpage
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