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Victoria Primary School of Fish
Victoria Primary School of Fish

Victoria Primary School of Fish

To mark the move from our current building in Newhaven Main Street to our new school in Windrush Drive, we are going to create an art installation entitled “The School of Fish!”

We have 177 wooden fish cut out – each one representing a year that this school has been operational. We are inviting community partners, former pupils and supporters of the school to decorate the fish so that we can then display them on the fence of this school and our new school.

Every child on our school role will decorate a few metal fish which will swim alongside the wooden ones! There will be 2 124 metal fish, each one representing a month that the school has been operational.

If you are a former pupil or staff member, a community partner or a supporter of our school and would like to decorate a wooden fish, then please call into the school office, phone us on 0131 476 7306 or email us on


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