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The Victorian Schoolroom
The Victorian Schoolroom

Primary 4/5 visited the Victorian Schoolroom at Leith Walk Primary School last week. The children dressed up in traditional Victorian schoolchildren’s clothes and got to sit at real Victorian desks with inkwells. Miss Campbell and Miss Hickman had to dress up too because they were pretending to be P7s! We all learnt about Victorian punishments – some children were very glad that we don’t have the cutty chair or wiggle board nowadays! We also learnt about the three Rs – Reading, wRiting and ‘Rithmatic, with the children having to read off the blackboard, and do their maths on slates and writing with real fountain pens! We had to make sure there were no splotches otherwise we might have gotten the belt!

We also learnt about the chores Victorian children would have to do at home, and all the items in the house were available for use to handle, use and explore.

Thank you very much to our Victorian teachers Miss MacDevitt and Miss Craig at the Victorian Schoolroom.

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