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Changes to Victoria. Your Vote Needed Now! Online survey here!
Changes to Victoria. Your Vote Needed Now! Online survey here!

Victoria Primary School Parent Council Letter to Parents/Carers  

16 April 2013


Our school is currently being considered for expansion. This will involve the possibility of a new building. Plans have been submitted and we'd like to know your views so that we can pass them on. Some meetings have already taken place. Thanks to all the Parents and Carers who came along to the meeting on Wednesday 20th March 2013.


There was lots of discussion and Lindsey Glasgow from the Council was able to answer a lot of our questions.


The Presentation that Lindsey gave and the minutes of the meeting are on the school website so you can see exactly what was discussed.  Here is a link to them.


Minutes of the meeting with Lindsay Glasgow

At the end of the meeting Lindsey Glasgow invited the Parent Council to consult with Parents on how the Council should proceed. She confirmed that the school had enough capacity or the 2013/14 year, so this would be for August 2014.


There are basically three choices:


The Council to continue with the original plans, to give us 3 extra classroom sized rooms, in the modules as before, but for completion in August 2014.

We could push for amendments to existing plans ie to move position of module, change roof, windows etc

We could lobby for a bespoke extension to the school.


The Parent council would like to know what your views are on these three options. We are also interested to know what else is important to you so we can decide our next course of action.

You can let us know in a couple of ways.

1.     you can complete the answer sheet attached and return it to the school

2.     you can complete a Survey Monkey which can be found at

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