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Home Learning
Home Learning

Research evidence shows that homework does have a positive effect on learning.  Children benefit from the mutual support of parents and teachers in encouraging them to learn both at home and at school.  One of the aims of our school is for children to develop as independent learners.  Homework is one of the ways in which children can acquire the skill of independent learning.


Through setting homework we aim to:

Encourage independence and good learning habits.
Consolidate work taught in school and therefore raise attainment levels.
Encourage and provide for parents/carers to become involved in children’s learning.

In addition we feel that homework will provide opportunities for:

Making use of a wider range of resources.
Building pupil confidence by discussion of work with parents/carers.
Providing, for parents/carers, a specific learning activity in which they can closely participate with their children.

While there is no weekly set expecation for homework tasks across the school, teachers will ask pupils to complete tasks associated with their classwork at various points throughout the year. 

The Infant classes will also send home reading books with practice pages to be read at home.  It is important that children's reading is heard by an adult at home.

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